Are you thinking of pressure cleaning your premises in Melbourne? It may be one of the most challenging tasks to handle on your own. The equipment is costly. Trying to pressure clean can also be time-consuming. At Star Shining, using our services is your best choice. A pressure cleaner is a tricky tool to use. It is advisable to leave the machine handling to a professional. Pressure cleaning is a service that is important for the hard to clean places. Be it commercial or domestic properties. There comes the point when a pressure cleaning job is essential. Star Shining is well-known for our excellent pressure cleaning services in Melbourne. We serve customers in both commercial and residential settings.


Those hard-to-remove stains can be painstakingly annoying. No regular clean-up will remove the marks. All it does is give your building a lousy appearance. What would customers coming into your office think when the entrance of your building is full of grime and scuff marks. Maybe, even your parking lot has gotten dirty over time. It’s not a pretty sight. Pressure cleaning removes all that gunk right off your walls or garages. A thorough clean makes the area look fresh and inviting.

It isn’t easy to find the right pressure washer. A reliable top-end pressure washer can cost you thousands of dollars. Think about the time spent learning how to use the pressure cleaner. After that, you need to ensure that you use it correctly and not damage objects in the vicinity. After all, a pressure washer ejects a massive amount of pressure out in a second.

Pressure washing costs depend on the location and your needs. Suppose it is a large area, very dirty, or has many delicate fixtures. Then the costs may be higher. The expenses are due to more work and care needed when cleaning. It is best to use well-known professional services, such as Star Shining pressure cleaning services Melbourne. We give you a free quote and explain relevant feedback on our initial visit. Our staff keep you informed on the details before and while on the job.

Having the exterior of your home successfully cleaned by a pressure washer gives you a sense of satisfaction. It offers a whole new appearance to the outside. However, it would be best to make sure a professional pressure cleaner does the job. Because if not, you may run the risk of washing off your paint or damaging your walls. Pressure washing isn’t just for your premises’ exterior walls, fences, or sidewalks. You can clean gutters, letterboxes, and even children’s play equipment. Using the pressure cleaning mechanism, you will get a clean, dirt-free result.

At Star Shining, our deep cleaning abilities give you an efficient and fast clean. With the power of the pressure washer, our talented staff can clean large or small areas without worry. We also use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to take off those extra tough stains. For example, motor oil, chewing gum, and other spills. We have satisfied clients and done thousands of commercial pressure cleaning projects throughout Melbourne. Clients have chosen us for our top-notch services and ease of booking.

Five benefits of booking Star Shining's Professional Pressure Cleaning Services in Melbourne.

  1. It is safer. We know the art of pressure cleaning without breaking any household fixtures. We are a safe cleaning alternative.
  2. Cheaper. You don’t need to buy special equipment to only use it a few times a year. We are cost-effective.
  3. Our cleaners are vetted and experienced. They are fully licensed and skilled.
  4. Some places are hard to reach. Our cleaners are capable of reaching challenging spaces. Making us fast and effective.
  5. Why waste time. We fit the cleaning into your schedules and for your convenience.

Why Choose our Commercial Cleaning Services?

Commercial Pressure Cleaning is a good way to clean all those tough stains and dirt around your office. A regular cleaning job can’t accomplish what a pressure cleaner can. Think of those hard-to-reach places, such as your gutters. They have collected dust, soot, and dirt over time. However, it isn’t cost-efficient and safe to clean them in-house. Star Shining is here to help you. You’re just seconds away from a reliable pressure cleaning service in Melbourne. We will come to have a look at your gutters and your buildings tough to remove stains. We then give you a recommendation and quote on how to proceed. You can book a date at your convenience, and we will be there to complete the task.

Pressure cleaning of commercial buildings is beneficial for your company. It helps your workplace meet hygiene compliance regulations. And provides your staff and customers with a pleasant and clean environment. Our steam pressure cleaning process can remove dirt, grease, mould, and algae from tough surfaces. Such as tiles, bricks, concrete, and pavements.

Pressure Cleaning Melbourne

Residential Pressure Cleaning

Does your house need a roof cleaning, house washing, steam pressure cleaning, mould, and algae cleaning? Do you have hard to remove stains on your floors? At Star Shining, we can deliver you exceptional pressure cleaning results. With the use of high-quality equipment and our years of experience in the industry, we are Melbourne’s No1 pressure cleaning service.

Your home most likely has hard-to-reach areas that don’t get cleaned often. It is in those areas that mildew and mould thrive. And you need to remove them before it spreads. A pressure cleaning company helps save time and money. So let us help you remove the mould. Our pressure cleaning process is powerful and accurate. Allowing us to deliver perfect results. You should contact a Pressure cleaning service if you need your driveway, fencing and walkways cleaned. A pressure cleaner is vital to get the debris and hard to remove dirt.

If you purchase a pressure cleaner, its costs can be a waste. You will probably use the equipment a few times a year. It is your responsibility to repair or replace it if it breaks. Think about all the time spent trying to test it out. Figuring out how it works. And make sure you don’t break anything while using the machine. It is not economical, a waste of money and time in the long run. Having a reliable, constant pressure cleaning service is your best advantage. Star Shining is a dependable pressure cleaning service in Melbourne. Get in touch with us and book an appointment now. Let us show you why our services stand out.

The equipment we use for Pressure Washing

Water source

Pressure washer
Safety signage
Plastic sheeting
Wet & dry vacuum
  • Safety Data Sheets (SDS)
Residual Current Device (RCD)

A Permit required for Local Government Authorization if applicable

Eye Protection

Hand Protection
Ear Protection

Preparing for Pressure Cleaning

  • Contact local government to check whether you need authorization or a valid council permit to perform work in the area.
  • Make sure the equipment is in working condition.
  • Check if signs of caution and equipment are placed properly.
  • Put on the applicable safety equipment such as gloves, protective eyewear, and, if needed, ear protection.
  • Put down a plastic sheet to catch run-off water from the pressure washer.
  • Connect the pressure washer to the water source and power source (if applicable).
  • Connect wet and dry vacuum to pick up the access water from the plastic sheet.


  • Once the cleaning area is identified, the cleaner ensures that the correct pressure is selected.
  • Before starting the machine, insert earplugs.
  • Depending on how dirty the area is, chemicals are used before washing.
  • The area to be washed is cleaned using smooth and even strokes.
  • Small areas are cleaned at a time.
  • The wet and dry vacuum is used to absorb the wastewater on the plastic sheet.
  • Our supervisors regularly check to ensure the quality of the work.
  • When needed, the wet and dry vacuum contents are cleaned out.

Final Work

  • Once the area is completely dry and cleaned, we remove the “Danger” signs and plastic sheets.
  • All the equipment is thoroughly cleaned before returning to storage.
  • The Pressure Washer and the wet and dry vacuum are cleaned and stored, ready for the next use.
Pressure Cleaning Melbourne

Our Outdoor and Indoor Pressure Cleaning Services in Melbourne cover a range of locations:

Showroom floors
Exhibition Centers
Car Parks
Factory and Factory Floors
Mechanical Workshops
Commercial Kitchens
Shopping Malls
Building Signage
Marinas and Ports
Office Building
Railway Stations
Bus Stations
Service Stations
Roofs / Gutters
Homes / Apartments
Dining Areas
Indoor flooring

Our Clients are guaranteed:

Cleaning of hard-to-reach areas.
The equipment we use is of high quality and durability.
Vetted and Skilled Pressure Cleaners.
Use of Eco- Friendly products.
Experience and licensed pressure cleaning services.
Customer-friendly service and easy bookings.
Reasonable rates and on-time work ethics.

Star Shining will always be your reliable and dependable pressure cleaning service in Melbourne. We work with the highest quality equipment and a dedicated team of pressure cleaners. It doesn’t matter what pressure cleaning you need or how tough the stain is. Our team will handle the task. Schedule a Pressure Cleaning appointment today and see the difference. Don’t wait on making matters worse. Trust us to leave your commercial and residential buildings clean and ready for a fresh day.